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Meet Tanya

Tanya Boehland grew up in Clarissa, MN. She attended Eagle Valley High School, the University of Minnesota, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, and the International Institute of Reflexology- Ingham Method. 


Tanya practiced Chiropractic in Fargo, ND for 16 years prior to launching Reflexology By Tanya in 2012. Her background in Chiropractic extensively prepared her for the transition to Reflexology, and she is dedicated to perpetual learning in the natural and alternative healthcare field. Travels to China, Peru, Mexico, Thailand, and criss-crossing the United States have contributed diverse cultural techniques to her holistic knowledge. To date, Tanya has attended 30+ advanced-training workshops in reflexology, and continually strives for more education. In July 2014 she became the first Doctor Of Chiropractic in the United States to be certified in Ingham Reflexology by the International Institute of Reflexology. 


It has always been Tanya's goal to live in a part of the great Untied States with less dramatic winters than Minnesota and North Dakota. In September 2021, Tanya left Fargo, ND  and settled in Georgetown, TX where she established her current Reflexology practice. 


Being outdoors, summer floating on a MN lake, exploring Texas, reading, cooking, hiking, sunrises and sunsets, dogs, and lounging by a warm ocean are all things that make her very happy.


Her proudest title is proud mom to Bryce, Blake, and Bria. 

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