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Following a 16-year career in the Chiropractic field, 

Dr. Tanya Boehland is excited to add the art and practice of Ingham Reflexology to her 29-year healthcare background and hands-on healing talent.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of direct and specific pressure by the use of the practitioner's hands, thumbs, and fingers to reflex points in the client's feet, hands, and ears. Reflexology treatment uses alternating pressure, and techniques such as thumb walking, finger walking, hook and back up, and rotation on a reflex.

.... And what does that mean?

A Reflexology session with Tanya involves you comfortably sitting in a reclining chair. As you relax for 30 or 60 minutes, Tanya will use her hands and fingers to thumb- and finger-walk all over your feet, hands, and/or ears to apply proper pressure to your reflex points to assist in relieving bodily congestion and tension. These reflexes correspond to every gland, organ, system, and region of your body. By working on your feet reflexes, Tanya can help influence total body relaxation, stress reduction, and increased circulation as your body instinctively strives to attain and maintain a healthy state of natural balance known as homeostasis. 


- It is important to point out that reflexology is NOT massage. 

- Reflexology is NOT a foot-rub.

- Massage therapists perform massage, and reflexologists perform reflexology.

- Certified Reflexologists have attained state / national credentialing for knowledge and training competency.

The Bottom Line is ..... It is Effective and It Feels Good.

How much does it cost?

     60 minutes Ingham Reflexology ... $125.00   

30 minutes Ingham Reflexology ... $60.00

Gift Certificates Available

Give the Gift of HEALTH

To schedule a Reflexology session, call or text Tanya at 701-566-2904.

If she doesn't answer, she is in session and making feet happy. Please leave a message and she will return your call just as soon as possible.

Reflexology By Tanya

(Inside Chiropractic Center of Georgetown)

5820 Williams Drive Ste. C

Georgetown, TX 78633

Reflexology By Tanya: 701-566-2904

Office Hours:  By Appointment Only


Weekend, Evening, Holiday, Groups, Home, and Hospital appts available by request.

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