Reflexology By Tanya - I want to meet your feet...   Dr. Tanya Boehland, Reflexologist
Meet Tanya and Tasha....
Tanya Boehland is from Clarissa, MN.  She has attended Eagle Valley High School, the University of Minnesota, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, and the International Institute of Reflexology- Ingham Method.  Tanya and former husband Todd owned and operated Fiebiger Chiropractic in Fargo, ND for 16 years prior to launching her Reflexology practice.  Her background in Chiropractic extensively prepared her for the transition to Reflexology, and she is dedicated to perpetual learning in the natural healthcare field.  Travels to China, Peru, Mexico, and Thailand have contributed diverse cultural techniques to her holistic knowledge.  To date, Tanya has attended 19 hands-on training conferences in reflexology, and in July 2014 became the first Doctor Of Chiropractic to be  certified by the International Institute Of Reflexology in the USA.  Being outdoors, hiking, travel, volleyball, family, sunrises and sunsets, a good old-fashioned book with pages to turn, and being in a hammock by the warm ocean makes her tick. 
Her proudest title is M.O.M. to Bryce, Blake, & Bria.  
Tasha Boehland is from Clarissa, MN.  She holds her Masters of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Tasha has over 10 years of experience in therapeutic bodywork, and has logged over 4,000 hours of training in Eastern & Western health and wellness. She is passionate about natural healthcare and how Traditonal Chinese Medicine can help an abundance of health issues.  She loves the Islands of Hawaii. Tasha is married to Marquay, and mom to Lennon. 
 : Blake, Tanya, Bryce
Blake, Tanya, Bryce
 : Tanya, Bria
Tanya, Bria
 : Tasha Boehland, Acupuncturist
Tasha Boehland, Acupuncturist
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