Reflexology By Tanya - I want to meet your feet...   Dr. Tanya Boehland, Reflexologist
Career Training:
University of MN 1989-1991 
     Health Sciences undergraduate study
Northwestern College of Chiropractic 1991-1995  
     BS (Human Biology), DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)
International Institute of Reflexology  2012-present   
     LR (Licensed Reflexologist)

Continuing Education:
International Institute of Reflexology (Phase I & II)
April 2012  San Antonio, TX  Instructor: Dwight Byers

International Institute of Reflexology  (Phase I & II)
May 2012  Boise, ID  Instructor: Illya Cline

International Institute of Reflexology (Phase I & II)
July 2012  Plymouth, MN  Instructor: George Balut

International Institute of Reflexology (Phase III)
September 2012   Fargo, ND   Instructor:  Joy Walterson
October 2012   Boise, ID   Instructor:  Illya Cline

Academy of Ancient Reflexology: Thai and Advanced Thai Reflexology- The Shivago Komarpai Method.  September 2013 Fargo, ND  Instructor: Karen Ball 

International Institute of Reflexology (Phase V)
October 2014  Henderson, NV  Instructor: Dwight Byers

Academy of Ancient Reflexology:  How To Relieve Chronic Foot Pain   October 2015   Fargo, ND  Instructor:  Karen Ball

Reflexology Association of America:  2016 RAA Conference
April 2016   Anchorage, AK   
Leadership Education & Organizational Development (LEOD)
Speakers:  Christine Issel, Alison Rippin, Sharon Stathis, Sally Kay, Geraldine Villenue, Iris Aharonovich

Tony Porter Reflexology:  A.R.T.  (IIR Phase V)
May 2016   St. Petersburg, FL    Instructor:  Tony Porter

Ancient Academy of Reflexology:  Say Goodbye To Headaches 
October 2016   Minneapolis, MN   Instructor:  Karen Ball

Touchpoint (Denmark)  Round About: The Spine
May 2017   Columbus, OH  Instructors:  Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen
International Institute of Reflexology  (Phase III)
April 2018   Fargo, ND.  Instructor:  Joy Walterson

Reflexology Association of America:  2018 RAA Conference
April 2018  Chicago, IL  Speakers: Larry Clemmons, Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen, Sarah Preusker, Steven Rosenblatt, Jesus Manzanares, Stephanie Cooke, Wendie Trubow, Susan Raskin

Touchpoint (Denmark)  Round About: Immunity & Inflammation
April 2018   Elk Grove, IL.  Instructors:  Peter Lund Frandsen & Dorthe Krogsgaard

American Academy of Reflexology:  Pain Control and Stress Reduction with Foot And Ear Reflexology   October 2018   Fargo, ND  Instructor:  Bill Flocco

Touchpoint (Denmark)  Round About:  The Shoulder  April 2019  
Nashville, TN   Instructors:  Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen


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